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P.O. Box 62446
Harrisburg, PA 17107-2445

Tel. 717-238-2001
Toll Free 888-PA-IOLTA (724-6582)
Fax. 717-238-2003

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FDIC Insurance

FDIC Insurance for IOLTA Accounts

Funds held in an IOLTA account are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per client, assuming that the client has no other accounts with the banking institution.

The FDIC has issued at least two advisory opinions regarding the insured status of IOLTA deposits:

Under Rule 1.15 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct, it is the responsibility of the lawyer to identify IOLTA accounts as IOLTA accounts, and also the responsibility of the lawyer to maintain complete records regarding the funds, including ownership thereof.  The IOLTA designation is sufficient to disclose the existence of a fiduciary relationship.

Additional information regarding the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and deposit insurance can be found at

Pro Hac Vice

Out-of-state attorneys seeking to enter their appearance on a Pennsylvania case must pay an admission fee of $375 per case to the IOLTA Board prior to filing the motion with the court. Complete your pro hac vice application online and pay the $375 fee by check or credit card.

Pro Hac Vice Admission Fee
Payment Form »

Platinum Leader Banks

Platinum Leader Banks are financial institutions that go above and beyond eligibility requirements to ensure the success of the IOLTA program and increase funding for legal aid. Pennsylvania attorneys are encouraged to patronize them.

Become A Platinum
Leader Bank »

Support Us

There is one legal aid lawyer for every 6,415 people living in poverty. Pro bono representation by private attorneys is an enormously valuable supplement to the services of civil legal aid programs.

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Direct Class Action Residual funds and Cy Pres awards to the PA IOLTA Board!

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