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P.O. Box 62446
Harrisburg, PA 17107-2445

Tel. 717-238-2001
Toll Free 888-PA-IOLTA (724-6582)
Fax. 717-238-2003

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Eligibility & Applications

Law School Clinical and Externship Programs

Grants are made to each of the nine law schools operating in Pennsylvania to help support clinical and/or externship programs that provide free civil legal assistance to indigent persons. The grants provide practical skills training to students, help serve some of the unmet need for civil legal services, and inculcate a pro bono ethic in future attorneys. Each law school must demonstrate that the grant funds will be used to address a current civil legal need of the indigent and will support live-client or other real-life practice experience. The law school must consult with local area programs that provide free or low-fee civil legal services to the poor, and it must demonstrate its own financial commitment to the programs that will be funded by the IOLTA grant.


Applications for the grant year beginning July 1, 2021 are now closed.  Applications for the grant year beginning July 1, 2022 will open in December 2021.

Applicants must sign and submit a Signed Assurances Page with their application.

Application and reporting cycles for the Law School Grant are managed using an online grants management system.

Learn more about using our online system through this technical support guide.

Grant Report Schedule for 2021-2022:

The midyear status report covering July 1 – December 31 is due by January 31, 2022.

The end-of-year status report covering January 1 – June 30 is due by July 29, 2022.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) is administered by the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation (PBF) under a three-year grant funded by pro hac vice admission fees. The LRAP benefits attorneys employed full-time by an IOLTA-funded legal services organization.

Visit the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation’s website for more information about applying for assistance.

Bank of America Surplus Distribution Grant Program

The following grant is supported with restricted revenue resulting from a settlement agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Bank of America. Grant-funded activities under this program are restricted to foreclosure prevention and community development legal assistance. The amount available for funding represents a portion of the Bank of America Surplus Distribution received by the IOLTA Board in 2015. Learn more about this grant program by visiting our Grant Program Guidelines.

Grant Report Schedule for 2021-2022

For Period Ending September 30, reports are due by October 29.

For Period Ending December 31, reports are due by January 31.

For Period Ending March 31, reports are due by April 29.

For Period Ending June 30, reports are due by July 29.

Audit reports are due to the Board no later than October 17, 2022.

The deadline for budget amendment requests is May 31, 2022.